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Unleash Your Potential at the World's Best Universities!

At our institution, we prioritize your career goals and match them with the top global universities that align with your preferences. Join the ranks of thousands of students who are pursuing their dreams and aspirations at prestigious universities worldwide. It's your turn to embark on this remarkable journey and achieve greatness!

Why Choose DICE?

Exploring 29 Countries with 700+ University Tie-Ups

The possibilities are limitless, and we're here to guide you towards the perfect choice for you.

Unwavering Support Throughout Your Journey

From the moment you seek our guidance until the day you step foot in your dream university, we'll provide unwavering support in every possible way.

Impressive Numbers Tell the Story

In 2020 alone, 5,000 of our students successfully enrolled in their dream universities, showcasing our commitment to their success.

How Do We Assist Students?

Counseling Sessions

Our dedicated counseling sessions are designed to greatly assist you in making informed academic decisions that align with your career aspirations.


  • Tailored Career Counseling
  • Focus on Futuristic Courses and Careers
  • Interactive Sessions with University Delegates
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Test Preparation

Achieve your Best Test Score effortlessly with our Expert Tutors


  • Engaging Classrooms & Free Demo Sessions
  • Effective Study Material
  • Targeted Tutorials & Mock Tests
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Course, Country & University Selection

Find your Perfect Match for Course, University and Country


  • Informed Academic and Career Decisions
  • University Comparison: Rankings, Courses & Scholarships
  • Course Options Across 700+ Universities in 29 Countries
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Application & Admission

Streamlined Application Process for Timely and Smart Admissions


  • Flawless Applications and Assured Admissions
  • High-quality SOPs, LORs, and Resumes
  • Real-Time Application Tracking and Follow-Up with Universities
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Discover and Apply for deserving Scholarships


  • Updates on the Latest and High-Value Scholarships
  • Guidance for Scholarship Applications
  • Assistance with Scholarship Essays
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Enhance your Profile with Internship Opportunities


  • Programs with Guaranteed Internships
  • Guidance on Paid and Unpaid Internships
  • Insight into Placement Periods and Stipends
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Education Loan

Simplify the Process of availing an Education Loan


  • Study Loans from Leading Banks & NBFCs
  • Tailored Financial Structuring
  • Hassle-Free Documentation
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Visa Processing

Expert Support for a smooth Visa Application Process


  • Impeccable Guidance on Visa Documentation
  • High Visa Success Ratio
  • Mock Visa Interviews
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Allied Services

Additional Support for a successful Study Abroad Experience


  • Advantageous Exchange Rates
  • Comprehensive Coverage with a Minimum Premium
  • Pre-Departure Briefing
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